Notes From Music Director Chen

When speaking of classical musicians, one often links to the image of sophisticated, serious, rigid, and/or even pretentious musicians… Haha, guess what? Most professional musicians in today’s world are not unfamiliar with the pop music culture at all, and in matter of fact, many of them have had opportunities to collaborate with the non-classical music performances and loved it.

Different types of music awaken different emotions and thinking patterns, and I personally like to listen to them all and learn from all of them. However, among them all, I do think that classical music requires the most education, sacrifice, dedication, and discipline… and that is why, there is a saying out there for classical musicians, “…it is a profession that requires the maximum input but minimum output”. I think this saying can be applied to many academic fields and many traditional arts. I do wish that one day, our world will appreciate the value of these studies, and there will be no more such extremely unbalanced professions anymore.

Here is a fun video clip of a rock concert at the incredible “Red Rocks Amphitheater” that I was involved with recently… it was such a fun experience!!! I hope you all enjoy watching it and I hope classical concerts can reach to this level in the near future as well (there were about 8000 people there cheering and shouting 🙂 and the energy was quite rewarding for the musicians). Well, let’s work hard and promote locally. Let’s make our season the best one yet!!!