Wow – it’s big.  We started  at a shopping area with tiny shops but also soup dumplings.  They were really tasty.  Then off to Mongolian BBQ for lunch.  Then back to the Bund and Naijing Street.  We saw the Expo grounds and 1/2 the buses in China parked there. The Bund was along the river but the smog made it hard to see the other side.  Naijing Street was high end shopping so some headed to Starbucks.  On our way to the hotel we got to see the neon lights of Shanghai.  It was amazing.  I got some video of the neon and off the traffic…

My hotel internet didn’t work so I will attempt to upload some photos at the airport, in San Francisco or Denver.

We also got word that the DVD’s were formatted for China.  If yours doesn’t work, we have a techie working on it and we can swap it out later in the summer.

We will see you in Denver!


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