Post from Emily and Margaret

This is Emily Javarone and Margaret Heffernan, we’re gonna write the blog today. So far the trip has been really fun and very interesting. There has been a lot of surprises and commotion throughout this trip. A lot of kids and even parents are beginning to miss the food and normal bathrooms in the United States though. Starbucks and McDonalds have never looked so good!

Today we finally went to the famous Great Wall of China, and was everything we thought it would be. 3,100 miles of brick after brick, it was very impressive. There were more steps and stairs than I have seen in my entire life. The pathways were very, very packed with Chinese people, more packed than the shopping streets! Some of the pathway was very steep and I would slide down with my sandals but the wall was so incredible I think most kids really enjoyed it. Some people only climbed the wall for two hours while others are still climbing it as we speak, and the rest of us are sitting in a parking lot, waiting for Mr. Chen and a few others to order a huge amount of Mcdonalds. Ordering the food was almost too frustrating for words.  

We have four more days left in China and I think most are ready to go back to Colorado, but the trip has been something most will never forget. Everything we’ve been through has been life changing, disgusting or beautiful. It’s amazing we only have 4 more days. Bye.

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