Live From China

  Day 2 – Hong Kong We made it!  We were very happy to see the Hong Kong skyline rising out of the clouds after a 14.5 hour flight from Los Angeles.  Our group was tired but in good spirits.   There was a Visa issue for part of our group and we look forward to seeing 3 of them in Guangzhou.  Go figure – for some it is easier to get entrance to Mainland China than Hong Kong.   We’re not sure where the problem was but the best option was to have them fly on to our next destination and meet us there.  Fortunately, they are a family and seasoned travelers.   We were escorted from the airport on buses to our hotel and onto another location for breakfast.  Dim sum was served and we practiced our chop stick skills.  Then we loaded up the buses and headed into the clouds.  Victoria Peak was shrouded in clouds but we saw glimpses of the many skylines.  Then we headed to the beach and got wet in the South China Sea.  Next up was a crazy boat ride around the harbor in the rain.   Off to lunch and a stop at the Hong Kong Convention Center to see the harbor, the Convention Center and the Golden Bauhina Statue.   We are planning on an easy evening as everyone is quite tired.  But, we are having a blast.  The kids are enjoying the food, are patient with the logistics –which are slow and are fascinated with everything.  We certainly aren’t in Colorado!

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