Day 9

Today was a big day.  We went to see the Terra Cotta soldiers.  First we visited a factory to see how they are made now and yet another opportunity to shop.  Then it was off to see the real thing.  There are 3 pits and the first is the size of an blimp hanger.  The second is smaller and the third hasn’t been excavated yet.  We spent 3 hours there.   The farmer that discovered the pits was available for autographs – if you bought his book of course.  He’s in his eighties and signs books everyday.   Then off to lunch and a visit to an imperial bath – or hot springs – no tour there but beautiful grounds.  The we had a treat!  Free time!  The kids enjoyed an evening of hanging out.

Tomorrow some do an optional tour and will go to a panda sanctuary and then we’ll visit a museum.  Tomorrow evening we fly to Beijing so we’ll update again from Beijing.

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