Day 13 – The Great Wall

Wow.  Beijing has nasty traffic on holidays.  The bad news this morning was the Starbucks was closed.  So we headed out and up very slowly.  Given the Dragon Boat Festival holiday everyone in Beijing headed to the Great Wall including us.  We didn’t want to short change ourselves so some decided to stay for 4 hours and the rest for 2.  It was hot, humid and very crowded.  We started up and up, down, up and down past various towers.  The views were great.  As with everywhere, our kids were photographed.  Can’t seem to get away from that.  We were at Badaling for wall fans.  After some had enough, a bus headed to the Summer Palace and the rest kept climbing.

Dinner tonight included Peking Duck.  Some went to an optional acrobatics performance and some returned for a quiet evening.  We had to say goodbye to a few of our students as they were heading home.  The rest will be up early to catch our flights to Huangzhou.  West Lake will be another highlight for sure.

The orchestra contains big and small.  Another photo is typical of the fan photo sessions and of course, I had to put in a photo of the Great Wall.  Have a great day!

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