Choral Concert

The dress rehearsal in the park was interesting.  The stage was lit up with neon.  That was a new experience!  

The concert was awesome!  I will try to get some kids to give their perspective tomorrow but they were outstanding.  There were 400 plus musicians and singers.  A young student marching band, several singing groups, a zither group pluse the professional musicians that accompanied Justin.  Justin’s performance brought the audience to tears and their feet.  There were costumes, government officials, members of the army …. The venue had wonderful accoustics.

The kids rehearsed all morning and the performance was at 3.  There was a large audience and lots of dignataries.  When we left the auditorium, the kids were surrounded by people wanting their pictures.  the concert was video taped and we hope to get copies.

We will be out of touch tomorrow after we check out of the hotel.  We are off to Guillin via train.  Another adventure!

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