Change in Itinerary

When we arrived in Beijing, we discovered that the train to Huangzhou was later than we thought and we won’t arrive in time to see West Lake.  Also with the Dragon Boat Festival we can not get enough tickets on the same train.  We were given an alternative to stay in Beijing for an additional night and fly to Huangzhou the next morning.   It has been decided by the chaperones and students to change the schedule.  The additional cost for each student and chaperone will be approximately $100 per person which includes the flight, food and additional hotel night.   The chaperones here will help the students pay for it here but would appreciate being reimbursed at the airport if possible.  Or, if you can advance your student the funds that would be great.   As soon as we get a firm price we will confirm it and let you know.

Today we visited the Olympic Park and the kids are now in rehearsal at the music conservatory.  We will have dinner with their students and a joint concert tonight.  The school is beautiful – nice grounds and nice dorms and classrooms.

Tomorrow we visit Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City.  In the afternoon we have another exchange with another school followed by a concert.

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